Revitalizing the Cultural Center Trebinje: Unveiling a Multidirectional Design Approach

all news / 23.06.2023.

In a remarkable quest to redefine the visual identity of the esteemed Cultural Center Trebinje, a transformative journey unfolded, driven by a multidirectional approach and meticulous analysis. Anchored in the essence of the institution, this endeavor commenced with an immersive exploration of diverse sources, unearthing a trove of inspiration.

Fueling a creative fire, the design team delved into an intensive brainstorming process, seeking to capture the very essence of the Cultural Center Trebinje’s core values. Weaving together a tapestry of concepts, values, and symbols, a life was breathed into initial sketches, fueled by an audacious goal to harmonize the center’s multifaceted program, purpose, target audience, and the coexistence of two scripts: Cyrillic and Latin. As the team traversed this dynamic design landscape, numerous solutions emerged—some discarded, others refined. It was within these fruitful endeavors that three distinct paths materialized, each giving rise to a unique design solution:

  1. Typographic Approach: Embracing the power of acronyms, the logo found its genesis in the form of “KCT” or “КЦТ.” Here, young designers embarked on a captivating exploration, deftly orchestrating a symphony of graphemes to forge a unifying masterpiece, resonating with multifaceted meanings.
  2. Symbolic Synthesis: Seeking to encapsulate the very soul of the Cultural Center, the team embarked on an odyssey of synthesizing symbols and values. Standing as a beacon in the heart of the city, this cultural benchmark played host to a rich tapestry of cultural events in Trebinje, acting as a vibrant epicenter for diverse communities to converge.
  3. Architectural Exploration: Meticulously dissecting the building from every angle, hidden gems were uncovered awaiting transformation into captivating symbols. Inspired by the floor plan and the arresting facade, the team ventured to encapsulate the center’s allure, an irresistible magnet drawing visitors into its embrace.

With three extraordinary proposals laid before the design team, the challenge beckoned to amalgamate their brilliance into a single, resplendent design. Adopting an eclectic approach, they artfully distilled the quintessential elements from each direction, culminating in a final logo that captured the spirit that had guided them from project inception.

Having reached this pivotal juncture, the team’s commitment to excellence propelled them to embark on an intricate refinement journey. The quest for perfection spanned the selection of definitive typography, the finessing of color palettes, and tireless pursuit of flawlessness. Even in the advanced stages of the project, the dynamic nature of their craft invited this team of designers to discover untapped potential, continuously polishing their masterpiece.

Spanning great distances, this design team’s dedication to effective communication and collaboration knew no bounds. Geographical barriers, Bosnia & Herzegovina—Montenegro—Serbia—Austria, were transcended harnessing the power of video conferencing, project management software, and collaborative design platforms. The team’s partnership with the institution itself thrived on open lines of communication, sharing regular updates via emails and video meetings. Their invaluable insights helped shape designers’ decision-making process, nurturing a proactive collaboration free from potential pitfalls.

At the heart of this design renaissance lay the triumvirate of two talented young designers Arijana Kadić (MN) and Milen Tišić (SRB), a seasoned local mentor Nada Arnaut (BiH), and two distinguished EU mentors Wolfgang Fiel (AT) and Constantin Demner (AT). This harmonious collaboration infused the project with a palpable synergy, fostering unwavering trust and a shared vision for the ultimate triumph. With open lines of communication throughout the process, the local mentor expertly bridged the gap between the institution and the design team, providing invaluable guidance and instructions. Meanwhile, the EU mentors offered purposeful feedback, enriching young designers’ understanding of the project’s achievements, and paving the way for even greater success.

Over the course of three transformative years, this design journey proved fruitful and dynamic. Diverse backgrounds and unique sensibilities posed occasional challenges, yet team members embraced these hurdles as catalysts for growth and enlightenment. In cultivating an environment of collaboration and inclusivity, they seamlessly melded their individual strengths and expertise, culminating in a visual identity that transcends expectations—cohesive, functional, and aesthetically captivating. The confluence of diverse perspectives unequivocally elevated the final product to new heights.

Every stage of the visual identity development process unfolded with meticulous precision and unwavering commitment. Guided by an insatiable appetite for excellence, these designers and mentors fearlessly explored every avenue, embracing challenges and inviting evolution. This audacious approach, coupled with a generous timeframe, afforded them the freedom to make mistakes, refine tirelessly, and experiment boldly. Each phase in this creative odyssey served a definitive purpose, yielding bountiful rewards.

“Above all, the driving force behind this triumphant journey was trust—a mutual desire for the extraordinary. Conscious of the complexities that lay ahead, we nurtured a culture of open, transparent communication, forging an unbreakable bond with our partners. Together, we embarked on a collaborative symphony, orchestrating a visual identity that resonates with the heart and soul of the Cultural Center Trebinje—a testament to the transformative power of multidirectional design,” said Nada Arnaut.


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