ReCulture is at Fluid Design Forum this spring!

all news / 31.03.2023.

The highly anticipated Fluid Design Forum is set to take place this April, and one of the participating projects that has been generating buzz is ReCulture! The Fluid is a significant event in the Western Balkans design community, bringing together designers, artists, and other creative professionals from around the world to Montenegro to share their work and ideas.

ReCulture is just one of many exciting projects that will be featured at the Forum, and attendees can look forward to a wealth of innovative design concepts and discussions.

The project, which has been in development for over two years now, aims to give to the Artistic Colony Danilovgrad (MNE), Cultural Center Trebinje (B&H), Museum of Contemporary Art of Republic of Srpska (B&H) and Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection (SRB) a new visual identity that reflects their values, history, and cultural significance.

The four design teams comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and Western Balkans countries, united by their passion for promoting cultural heritage and creating compelling design solutions, will showcase the process and outcomes of four cultural institutions visual identity redesigns to the public, marking the first such presentation. The new visual identities will reflect the rich cultural history and diversity of the region, while also modernizing and refreshing the institutions’ public image. The team behind ReCulture is confident that their work will not only enhance the institutions’ public image, but also inspire greater interest in cultural heritage and program of cultural institutions.

The part of the ReCulture programme will also include a panel discussion and two lectures with EU partners, providing attendees with the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of cultural management and design. Mikael Mohamed (Mucem, FR), Wolfgang Fiel (iCP, AT) and Constantin Demner (Studio Elastik, AT) will offer valuable insights into their work and experience in the industry through this year’s theme “Fluid Identities”.

Furthermore, Fluid will host the upcoming “Design for Culture” exhibition, which will mark the third edition after successful showcases in Novi Sad (Serbia, 2021) and Trebinje (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2022). The exhibition features the works of European designers who have collaborated with cultural institutions worldwide, offering the audience a unique opportunity to explore their creations.

ReCulture emphasizes education and will offer workshops on Editorial and Exhibition design for young designers. Employees of cultural institutions will participate in a mentoring program covering photography, website maintenance, digital marketing, audience development, and strategic goal-setting to enhance their institution’s image.

Note that ReCulture workshops are exclusively for project members, but check out the Fluid workshops and conference program for other valuable opportunities.

Calling all design students and admirers of good design! Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to elevate your design knowledge and connect with fellow creatives. Expand your network and gain invaluable insights into the world of design and its forward-thinking ideas.

Start planning your trip to Montenegro this spring and see you there! 🙂


ReCulture at Fluid
April 21━26, Cetinje


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