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1 ⟶ Do you call yourself a designer?

We are looking for talented young graphic designers, architects, visual artists as well as design and architecture students to participate in a project “ReCulture – Re-branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans”.

2 ⟶ Have you ever wanted to be mentored by design professionals?

Chosen young designers, architects and other visual artists will synergistically, with the help of experienced mentors from EU and Western Balkans countries, work on comprehensive, high-visibility design projects. Chosen participants will be part of a mentorship programme that includes constant mentorship by Western Balkans design professionals and supervision by EU design professionals.

All designers will be under the eye of their mentors during the entire design project—from the first scratch to final solution and production. They will have an opportunity to work on creation of visual identity and its application in different formats and materials, the creation of environmental graphics and spatial design elements, exhibition design and editorial design. The program also includes organised workshops and conferences across Western Balkans.

3 ⟶ Have you ever wanted to design for a notable institution?

This call aims to form a group of 8 talented young Western Balkans designers who will participate in the almost-three-year-long mentorship programme during which they will have an invaluable opportunity to create new visual identities for four notable Western Balkan cultural institutions.

The final result of participants’ work will be a new, redesigned visual identity of the chosen institution as well as a set of contemporary tools that will be used as a part of the institution’s communication and marketing strategies.

4 ⟶ Then, this call is for you.

ReCulture is a 40-month project of collaboration between Western Balkan countries and the EU countries, founded by Creative Europe. Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for supporting the culture scene through the programmes that build cross-border cultural cooperation within the Western Balkans and EU member states, and strengthen competitiveness of cultural and creative industries in the region. By participating in this project, young designers will get the opportunity to closely collaborate with prominent designers from the region and EU countries, in order to propose new, innovative, rebranded visual identity for several cultural institutions. With provided mentoring guidance during all project phases and by using acquired skills and acting in cross-disciplinary ways, designers should address social and institutional heritage, and at the same time, provide a modern, innovative design that will help cultural institutions from WB to deeply connect with their audience. We are searching for visual thinkers who are inspired and interested in taking a role in the process, who are not afraid of experimenting and using a fresh approach, but who are at the same time team players and enjoy working within transnational teams.

This Open Call contributes to the ReCulture vision to empower young designers from Western Balkans by providing them with the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with WB and EU design professionals and to gain practical knowledge and a chance to work on highly visible projects.

5 ⟶ Who can participate?

Graphic designers, architects, visual artists as well as design and architecture students who are:

  • Aged between 20 and 27 years
  • Residents of one of Western Balkans countries (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo*, North Macedonia and Albania)

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

6 ⟶ What is the duration and intensity of the programme?

You will have almost 3 years to create a new visual identity system for one chosen cultural institution—which is quite a lot of time! The reason lies in the fact that the focus is on you having a chance to be mentored by established Western Balkans and EU designers through the entire process! In the period of 3 years, you will attend design workshops, lectures, exhibitions. You will meet and collaborate with dozens of other designers. You will travel (with paid travel and accommodation costs) to three WB countries to acquire
knowledge and meet other designers. And, yes, you will create a new visual identity for one remarkable Cultural Institution in Western Balkans. You will be involved in the creation process from the first scratch for a new logotype to the latest detail added on a bag for a souvenir shop. And finally, the tempo won’t be hectic, it depends on the stage of the process. When the intensity of the project is at its peak (which is usually around the days of travel and workshops together with your mentors) we expect your full commitment to the cause, while in between these peak moments you are looking at a workload of approximately 4 hours a week.

7 ⟶ What will be required from chosen designers?

  • Active participation in design processes
  • Attendance at educational programmes organised within the project scope (workshops, conferences, and exhibitions in Serbia and Montenegro)
  • Study visits to Cultural Institution you are assigned to
  • Capability to work individually and in a team
  • Ability to communicate in English (both oral and written communication)
  • To possess decent technical skills and confidence in working with graphic design software (Adobe programmes preferably)
  • To be ready to travel occasionally (3 times per year at maximum)
  • To act professionally
  • To be open minded
  • To be eager to learn

8 ⟶ What are the benefits of the programme for chosen designers?

The programme will empower young WB designers by providing them with an opportunity to work with recognized EU and Balkan’s design professionals but also closely collaborate with their peers from the region and allowing them to boost professional expertise and portfolios, enhance their creative and innovative capacities, improve collaborative skills and make new professional connections. More specifically, the benefits of the programme are:

  • Development of new skills through educational programmes (workshops and conferences)
  • Opportunity to be mentored by recognized EU and Balkan’s design professionals
  • Opportunity to collaborate with other seven super talented young designers from WB
  • Opportunity to travel, meet and exchange with other creatives from WB
  • Paid travel and accommodation costs
  • Opportunity to gain a professional work experience
  • Work on a highly visible design project
  • Active promotion of designers’ work-related and not-related to ReCulture project
  • Remuneration with the total grant of 2000 EUR

9 ⟶ What does the evaluation process look like?

The first round of selection will be based on a portfolio, short bio (up to 200 words), and brief motivational letter. Finalists (shortlisted candidates) will participate in the second round of selection which will include one task to be accomplished within two weeks after the official announcement of the finalists and a video interview that will be organised afterward.

The selection committee will be formed by 6 persons: 2 design professionals from EU and 4 design professionals from Western Balkans. The selection process will be held anonymously, meaning that the names and countries of the candidates won’t be shared with the commission.

The list of the finalists which includes names and countries of residency will be announced publicly. The list of the eight chosen designers will be announced publicly; their work will be actively promoted throughout the project.

10 ⟶ How to apply?

Fill in the application form bellow which includes:

  • Basic personal data which will not be used for any other purposes except for this open call
  • Short biography (up to 200 words) Please do not include your name in the biography section since the selection process will be done anonymously
  • Motivational letter (up to 500 words) in which you are invited to briefly explain your motivation to join the project
  • Upload of your portfolio (up to 10mb) in which we would like to see all creative works you find relevant for this Open Call! You might want to include some already realised or published design projects, but you are also invited to include your school works, homeworks, collabs (with properly defined credits), your scratches, drawings, personal art projects, visual exercises, and everything in between that you find relevant! You might want to showcase your precise style or you are more into showcasing the diversity of abilities and style in different forms—each approach is fine by us!
    Please do not include your name in your portfolio since the selection process will be done anonymously.

All submitted documents should be in the English language as the official language of the project. It is recommended for applicants to have advanced language skills, so they can easily communicate with mentors from the EU. All participants will receive an honorarium to cover travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses during the project period.

The application closes on June 15th, 2021


ReCulture project will rebrand four WB cultural institutions looking up to the best EU practices in modern communication and visual identity indulging in the creativity of eight young designers from the Balkans. What a combo!

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