From Vision to Reality: ReCulture Project Journey Came to an Inspiring Close

all news / 30.04.2024.

The final activities of the ReCulture project concluded with a three-day immersive experience, showcasing the project’s impact and achievements. Kicking off with the grand opening of the Process exhibition, the event unfolded into a series of insightful discussions and dialogues.

The first day, Apr 25, saw the unveiling of the Process exhibition, marking the culmination of a journey that traversed Novi Sad, Banja Luka, Danilovgrad, and finally, Trebinje. Attendees were treated to a visual feast, exploring the creative evolution of cultural institutions empowered by the project.

On the following day, Friday, the spotlight turned to thought-provoking panel discussions. The first panel, titled “WE’RE LISTENING, BUT ARE WE HEARING EACH OTHER? Enhancing collaboration between designers and cultural institutions for the benefit of the public,” delved into the crucial topic of fostering collaboration between designers and cultural entities. Partners from the ReCulture project, seasoned mentors, and young designers engaged in dynamic conversations aimed at optimizing public engagement and cultural impact.

Simultaneously, a second panel focused on “MODERNIZING CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS THROUGH DESIGN: Where Do We Stand and What’s Next?” This discussion provided a platform for students and stakeholders to explore the role of design in revitalizing cultural institutions. Panelists included project partners, mentors, young designers, and esteemed representatives such as the Head of the Ministry of Culture in Trebinje.

The panels served as catalysts for constructive dialogue, paving the way for innovative strategies and collaborations in the cultural landscape of the Western Balkans. As the ReCulture project draws to an official close, its legacy of fostering creativity, collaboration, and cultural rejuvenation continues to resonate.

The final day of the ReCulture project was dedicated to reflection, celebration, and setting the stage for future collaborations. Participants gathered to commemorate the journey of the past 3.5 years, acknowledging the significant contributions made by all involved stakeholders.

The last day commenced with the internal meeting of project partners – a comprehensive recap of the entire ReCulture project, highlighting its impact and legacy. Attendees took a moment to recognize the transformative effect of the project on both individuals and the four cultural institutions at its core. These institutions, facing formidable challenges, are now tasked with continuing the implementation of their new visual identities and serving as beacons of best practices in the Western Balkans. Participants seized the opportunity to come together one last time as a unified team. Discussions revolved around leveraging the invaluable experiences gained through ReCulture for future collaborations. Ideas were exchanged, and plans were laid out for ongoing partnerships, rooted in the wealth of knowledge and insights accumulated throughout the project’s duration.

The gathering served as a poignant reminder of the bonds forged and the collective achievements unlocked during the ReCulture journey. While bidding farewell to this chapter, participants embraced the prospect of embarking on new ventures, fueled by the enduring spirit of collaboration and innovation fostered by ReCulture.

Now, let’s embrace the momentum of cultural innovation and continue to be actively involved in shaping a vibrant cultural landscape, no matter where our journey takes us!


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