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The chosen young designers will synergistically, with the help of experienced mentors from the EU and Western Balkan countries, work on comprehensive, high-visibility design projects. The chosen participants will be part of a mentorship program that includes constant guidance from Western Balkan design professionals and the supervision of EU design professionals.

Each of the designers designers will be provided with constant support from their mentors throughout the duration of the project—from the initial stages to the final solution and production. They will work on developing a visual identity and apply it on different formats and materials, working on the creation of environmental graphics and spatial design elements, exhibition design and editorial design. The program also includes organised workshops and conferences across Western Balkans.

  • Mentor: Adela Zejnilović

    City: Danilovgrad

    Country: Montenegro


    Julija is a designer and photographer from Serbia, unafraid to experiment and engage in various art fields. Having worked in Pavana gallery, she gained experience creating graphic design solutions for art institutions and developed an interest in contributing to local communities through culture. She came together with artists from various fields and founded the artist association Sviartisti in her hometown of Svilajnac, aimed at fostering art and culture through events and exhibitions. She devotes her spare time to drawing, creative coding and learning languages – particularly French. She obtained a BA from the Visual Arts Department at the University of Belgrade.


    SNEŽANA BULATOVIĆ / Montenegro

    Snežana is a graphic designer and illustrator from Montenegro, who specialises in brand identity and editorial illustration. Through her work, she aims to combine creative thinking with visual communication, to help deliver the most authentic and valuable design experience. Snežana started her design journey in Montenegro, and further developed it in China and Hungary. She mainly works with agencies and magazines from Germany, Italy, and Japan. International experience made her more open-minded, shifting her focus beyond aesthetics, towards purposeful design. She obtained a BA in Graphic Design at the University of Donja Gorica and an MA in Product Design.


  • Mentor: Nemanja Mićević

    City: Banja Luka

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


    Sonja is a designer from Serbia, who, in her own words, is capable of producing whatever feels right. Sonja has worked on architectural project solutions, creative illustrations, and projects involving branding products and service. She views designers (not only as, but also) as problem solvers, the quality of outcome of their work depending on a combination of the capability to manage multiple parameters on different channels and levels of complexity, and sensibility, i.e., taste. She attended the Petrica Science Centre Design Seminar and later became an assistant. Sonja is pursuing a BA in Architecture at the University of Belgrade.


    LUKA MATIĆ / Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Luka is a graphic designer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who’s showcased his work internationally, exhibiting in China, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Poland, Italy, and Ukraine. Being open to working with different media, he challenges himself and his imagination to invoke a reaction in his audience. Through a combination of persistence and mentorship, his work garnered rewards, which continue to motivate him in pushing his boundaries. Currently enrolled in the studies of Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, Luka gained recognition as the best student of the Graphic Design department.


  • Mentor: Nada Arnaut

    City: Trebinje

    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

    ARIJANA KADIĆ / Montenegro

    Arijana is a graphic designer from Montenegro, interested in pursuing drawing, digital and multimedia arts. She started her career at the National Library of Montenegro, working on a variety of cultural projects as a graphic designer, and expanded her experience working in print and a graphic design studio. Having participated in a number of workshops, including FLUID Design Forum, and exhibiting at 17 collective exhibitions, she continues to develop her skills and portfolio. She obtained a BA in Graphic Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje.


    MILEN TIŠIĆ / Serbia

    Milen is a graphic designer from Serbia with an interesting twist. After having enrolled into the studies of Sound at the University of Belgrade, he shifted towards graphic design with the support of professors from the Graphic Design department, continuing to foster music and sound in his work – namely creating gig and event posters in Belgrade and Kragujevac. His experience extends to developing visual identities of exhibitions and annual catalogues, working as a graphic designer at the New Gallery of Visual Arts. Currently he is working as a graphic design intern at a design agency based in Belgrade.


  • Mentor: Mane Radmanović

    City: Novi Sad

    Country: Serbia


    Đurđina is an architect and designer from Serbia, with experience as a creative and art director, graphic designer, scene and costume designer working in Serbia and the USA. She gained her diverse background participating in various projects through different roles, including the eco-basketball court in Ohio, Front Theatre, and working with performer David Balula. Her ongoing project, Inequality as practice – Goethe Institute, pushes her into researching internet platforms as exhibition space for pseudo diaries. Currently pursuing an MA in Scene Architecture and Design at the University of Novi Sad, after having obtained a BA at the same university.


    STEFAN TANKOV / Macedonia

    Stefan is an architect and graphic designer from Macedonia, determined in combining his passions in building his career. Initially deciding to focus his education on architecture, he found he had no time to pursue his hobbies in photography, drawing, and graphic design. Given an offer he could not refuse, his graphic design career started with a year-long course. He is currently enrolled in two MA programs – Architecture at Ss. Cyril and Methodius, and Graphic Design at the Djoletov and Arts Academy, and working as an Illustrator at Skala magazine and as a visual artist in the local collective Prkos.



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