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The motivation behind the ReCulture: Re-branding of Cultural Institutions in Western Balkans, a project co-funded by the European Union, is to encourage the modernization of Western Balkans cultural institutions through redesign of visual identities and introduction of contemporary tools in their communication practices.

As society and culture change, cultural institutions need to find new communication tools to adapt to society needs, to stay relevant to the audience in order to fulfil one of their main purposes – to enhance human well-being and foster the development of the society. The overall aim of the ReCulture project is establishing a basis for improved visibility and modernized appearance of Western Balkan cultural institutions by supporting the inter-sectoral linking and cooperation between cultural and creative industries within the Western Balkans and EU Member States.

Besides repositioning WB cultural institutions through design, this project will also contribute to the development of the design scene in WB by choosing young designers from the region to work on new visual identities. Group of young WB designers will acquire a wide range of experiences and skills and use them to, under mentoring of recognized EU and WB professionals, work on re-branding of four WB cultural institutions and thus improve their professional portfolios and employability. The process will be based on strategic participatory analyses of the work of WB cultural institutions followed with production and dissemination of a set recommendations both for designers and institutions.

The consortium of project partners consists of 7 organisations from 5 countries: Cultural Center Trebinje (Project Leader) and Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ink fest organisation and Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Serbia, Art Colony Danilovgrad from Montenegro, Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) from France and Institute for Cultural Policy (iCP) from Austria.




The ReCulture is a project co-funded by the European Union. The aim is to be successfully implemented on the basis of European added-value related to design in culture. Most EU countries, through their tradition, cultivate design as a discipline, which is not a widespread practice in the WB region. The EU concept develops programs that foster diversity and at the same time affirm common European values. Therefore, this project is based on intersectoral and inter-sectoral linking, as well as international cooperation, raising the reputation of designers, cultural institutions and their employees by changing public awareness of design as a discipline.

The ReCulture is a project selected under the call for proposals Cultural Cooperation Projects in the Western Balkans 2019.

ReCulture project will rebrand four WB cultural institutions looking up to the best EU practices in modern communication and visual identity indulging in the creativity of eight young designers from the Balkans. What a combo!

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